Mitco Microns Pvt Ltd have own laboratory , well trained and expertise technician in the feilds of minerals at its factory premises to check and ensure the quality of minerals which we bring from mines to our plant for further processing .
Minerals testing and analysis is vital for regulatory compliance and to understand the quality and composition of minerals substances and materials that are used in products, industrial processes and manufacturing. Specialist industry knowledge and expertise in applying the most relevant methodology are the keys to successful minerals testing. Advanced analytical instrumentation or a combination of techniques is necessary to solve problems or determine composition.
Company ‘s laboratories is equipped with a wide range of techniques and instrumentation to meet any chemical and physical analysis challenge or requirement. We provide advanced research and testing expertise, We perform testing protocols according to standard methodologies and as per requirement of our buyers.
The equipment which are used for test and analysis are :-

      • Particle size analyser
      • Water test
      • Viscometer (FANN)
      • Hardness tester
      • Digital moisture meter
      • Liquid limit tester
      • Filter loss controller
      • Mud tester
      • Sieve for size identification
      • Plate absorption
      • Furnace for feldspar
      • Oil absorption test equipment.

Our experts use a variety of techniques, from semi-quantitative to fully quantitative methods, to identify and quantify the elemental composition of a metal alloy. Our chemical analysis of Minerals is used for manufacturing quality control.